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Conversation Design


I think my presentation for LingoFest 2021 is a great introduction to my approach to conversation design:


I researched and wrote this article for conversation designers and recruiters:


I contributed to this Botmock ‘Ask Me Anything’ roundtable discussion:

I interviewed Maaike Groenewege – a wonderful conversation designer:


I curate a public links board for conversation designers (most of this material wasn’t made by me):

I wrote my thoughts for an article about the importance of sound engineers in voice tech:




I appeared on VUX World with Kane Simms and Dustin Coates to discuss ‘how we talk’:

This is my Medium article on paralanguage for voice assistants:


I created these videos on Paralanguage for my ‘I’m All Ears’ video series:

Sound Design



I wrote this article for designers to introduce core concepts of sound design:


I created ‘Sound Advice’ videos for CoCoHub:


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